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Ukrainian Army Conscripts featured on CNN Photos

During my most recent visit to Donetsk I spent a few days with an army unit positioned just outside the Donetsk region, 30km from Mariupol. This unit was mostly made up of conscripted soldiers from Bela Tserka, and I was given a fascinating insight into their daily life as they prepared for war. 

The unit has since moved into the combat zone, and some of the soldiers I met were recently involved in defending the airport in Luhansk.

The Ukrainian army has been drastically under funded and neglected during the last 20 years of government corruption, and is being pushed to the limit as the country teeters on the brink of all out war. 

This project was set up with the help of the Ukrainian Freedom Fund, who helped me make contact with the unit. The UFF is a Non-Governmental Organisation who are raising funds to purchase non-lethal equipment for the Ukrainian Army. 

Read the story on CNN hereWords by Jethro Mullen

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